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20 Years Anniversary for Search Recruitment!

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A lot has been happening over the past 3 months …
We wanted to keep you up-to-date with the markets activity within the Nursing recruitment sector to help you make the right choices for your Trust.

20 Years Anniversary & Office Move!

Top Row: Rose Bray , Jo Staley, Michelle Hicks, Angela Rowe
Middle Row: Jane Hurst, Marilyn Forrester, Laura Turner, Shina Parekh, Ellen Bick
Front Row: Julie Connors, Denise Jan, Rosemarie Carn

Search Recruitment will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! Since it was first established in 1995 as a small independent company through to its fully fledge state as a sustainable medium sized business;
‘Search’ has always maintained a great work ethic sourcing and recruiting candidates for corporate business’ and public healthcare services. Proof is in the pudding with its year on year growth 20 years down the line.
 Since 1995 ‘Search’ has seen some significant changes to the development of the business structure.
The past year has been extremely rewarding and we acknowledge this is not only down to the successful nature of the business, but also the hard work of the ‘Search’ team managing the workload effectively.
We have found recruiting Nurses from the EU and Internationally has seen a substantial increase within the last 18months. The majority of Trust’s, which initially wanted to go to Spain for newly graduate Nurses,  to help elevate immediate staffing levels, have more recently resorted to go further afield to India and the Philippines for a more long term solution that will give higher retention rates and experienced Nurses. We work closely with our 
agents to coach our Nurses through their IELTS and CBT and have already got Nurses awaiting instruction from the NMC to come and do their OCSE.
This influx has dramatically boosted business, therefore ‘Search’ has taken this opportunity to appoint some new faces to the Search Recruitment family.
‘Search’ prides it’s self on being committed to proving that we can offer the best International and European recruitment solution. With this in mind our recent expansion to the ‘search’ team will enable us to continue to manage all projects at a high level, ensuring all stages of the recruitment process are managed effectively, carefully and within specified time scales.
Our most recent members include Julie Connors, Angela Rowe, Rose Bray and Ellen Bick, all with strong administration and customer service backgrounds who are keen and eager to get stuck into new and exciting projects. Our new additions have led the ‘Search Medical’ division to move to offices that are more accommodating and substantial for as and when the business develops, ensuring our clients are always receiving the best service possible. 


Nurses to Recruit for The NHS! 

April- June 2015
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530 Nurses to Recruit Internationally:
Burton Hospitals - Philippines
London North West Healthcare – India
Bedford Hospital –India
James Paget University Hospital – Philippines
London North West Healthcare – Philippines
Queen Elizabeth, Kings Lynn –India

90 Nurses to Recruit in Europe:
Queen Elizabeth, Kings Lynn –Spain
Bedford Hospital – Spain
York Teaching – Spain

Bedford Hospital Recruits 25 Spanish Nurses 

25 Nurses recruited for Bedford Hospital NHS Trust - Spain – March 2015
As a new employee, this was my first tour with Search Recruitment and I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better than it did, we were very successful in recruiting 25 out of 26 Nurses that were interviewed for the trust.
Paul and Jackie from Bedford Hospital were not only great on the interview days, they were also fabulous company for the evenings when we could relax and see the sights of Madrid.
One of the candidates that stood out to me was Gulliermo Ramirez Vargas, not only had he travelled 8 hours to arrive at the interview, he had also spent the night in A&E due to a severe headache and sickness, yet he still managed to come along for his interview with Bedford without sleeping for a whole 24 hours.
When he went in for his actual interview the whole room was nervous for him, knowing how much he had been through and how he had discharged himself from A&E as he was determined to attend. I will never forget the smile on his face when he walked through the room as an accepted nurse for the trust, both he and his friends had all been accepted and there were tears of joy to say the least! (See the photo of the group of friends and Gulliermo)

Comments made by the Trust: The Trust were very pleased with the amount of outstanding nurses they interviewed, a lot of praise given, they were particularly very impressed with the screening Search Recruitment had done.

Ellen Bick

Frimley & Wexham Park Healthcare Trust Recruits 109 Filipino Nurses & 19 Peadiatric's

109 Nurses Recruited for Frimley Park and Wexham Park Health Care Trust
Details of the Tour: Philippines -February 2015

Myself, Jane and 5 clients from Frimley & Wexham Park Hospital went to the Philippines in February to interview 100+ Nurses. Everything ran smoothly and the trust were successful in offering 19 Paediatric Nurses on top of the 109 Medical- Surgical Nurses offered.
One candidate that stood out far more than the rest was’ Kaypee Dan Palos’. He had been working a 12 hour night shift and went straight to catch a 4 hour plane flight then sat waiting another 6 hours to hear if he had been offered as the Trust had short listed him. His face had a massive smile from ear to ear when he was told he had been successful.
On the rest days we took the clients to see the oldest church in Manila and Fort Santiago which they loved, as well as the sunset by the water’s edge overlooking the manila bay was breath taking.
The clients could not stop thanking Jane and I; they loved every second of the interviewing process and being entertained, especially the singing chiefs and waiters restaurant! We both felt it was a great tour, clients, agents and most of all the candidates were amazing.

Denise Jan

NMC and Immigration Rules
for Overseas recruitment... 

The new OSCE programme for international applicants now takes an average of 31 weeks to a maximum of 49 weeks providing the candidate passes the OSCE test.
If the candidate needs to re-sit the test, the average is 41 weeks and a maximum of 65 weeks. Even if they have to re-sit the test, the timescales are still dramatically reduced. The old ONP took an average of 102 weeks for an application to register to a maximum of 174 Weeks.
The NMC has reviewed the on-line CBT test the individual takes in their home country, and made some adjustments. They have also increased its communications activities around the new process and the need for preparation. Since the test was launched last October,
the NMC has seen pass rates rise significantly from a very low percentage in the first two months to around 80 per cent. There will be continued monitoring of this to ensure it remains fit for purpose. The new immigration rules were published on the 19th March, and are effective immediately. After significant discussions with the Home Office, these now include the ability for you to employ 
an overseas qualified nurse, who has passed the first part of the NMC process as an healthcare assistant (HCA) for up to three months while they prepare to sit the observed structured clinical examination (OSCE) – the second part of the process.
If the person passes, they will receive NMC registration with immediate effect and you will be able to employ the candidate as a registered nurse. If the individual fails, they have the ability to remain in the UK and apply to re-sit the OSCE. They can continue in the HCA role for this period and work on the areas of development identified.  If they fail the re-sit, they will need to leave the UK with immediate effect as they no longer have the right to work. The re-sit needs to take place less than 8 months from the date the individual entered the UK.
As yet, no-one has applied to sit the OSCE, so we do not have any intelligence to share, however we will be looking at this with the NMC over the coming months as we expect to see individuals going through the centre.

89 Indian Nurses Recruited by The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust...

Shina and I escorted 6 ladies from the trust who travelled from Manchester Airport to meet us at Cochin Airport. Our objective was to recruit experienced nurses to work at 3 hospital sites in Mid Yorkshire. 
We stayed in a comfortable hotel in the city and arrived in warm pleasant weather. The 3 ladies couldn’t wait to take a Tuk Tuk and explore the city, as they wanted to make full use of all their time in Cochin’s historic and colourful city.

We were assisted by our agents in India, with a helpful and well organised team who kept us very busy with a full quota of nurses for each day of the interviews.
We recruited 89 nurses with a wide spectrum of clinical skills and experience, which we hope will prove a great boost to the resources at the hospitals.
The nurses chosen were all thrilled to be given the opportunity to learn, develop skills and enhance their careers, as well as the new challenges of a job and life here in the UK.

Comments made by the Trust: 
Helen from the Trust was inspired by quality of candidates and humbled at the efforts undertaken just to attend the interviews. Travelling long distances on buses and trains – often overnight and alone to get the chance to work at their Trust. They found the experience helpful to be able to assist the nurses coming over to the UK, at the same time giving them insight into their culture and the environment they have been working in. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would love to return. 

Marilyn Forrester

11 Spanish Nurses Recruited for Bradford Teaching Hospitals (Spain - Feb 2015)

The candidates were all of an exceptionally high standard. A quieter tour than normal but went very smoothly and was well organised. Jose and his partner Sandra stood out the most as they were so engaging and excited about starting their new life together.
As the interviews finished we headed into Madrid for a walk around the city and stopped for dinner at a lovely little tapas restaurant. The ladies particularly enjoyed their evening in San Anton at the famous rooftop restaurant that sits above a colourful market buzzing with fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood.

Comments made by the Trust: The trust were very happy with the nurses they recruited and thoroughly enjoyed their time both working and socialising.

Shina Parekh..


If you wish to explore your recruitment options, we would love to hear from you. Our experienced consultants will guide you every step of the way.

Due to high demand we are now taking tour bookings for June-July onwards. Get your Nurses in before the winter measures and be the first to place your order to secure your recruitment drive!
European Nurses can be working in the UK within 4 weeks after interview. International Nurses can be in the UK within an average of 31 weeks.

Queen Elizabeth King's Lynn NHS Trust Recruits 30 Spanish Nurses...

The tour went extremely well and ran very smoothly. It was a pleasure to get to work with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital again. The Trust were very impressed by the calibre of nurses put forward and recruited 30 nurses!   There were some outstanding nurses recruited which radiated enthusiasm and excitement, they were all filled with so much determination and passion. One of those candidates was Francisco and his partner Manuela, and Jose Perez Sanchez and his partner Ma Carmen who shone. It was a joy to meet all the nurses, I was blown away by their eagerness and can do attitude despite the nerves.
In the evenings we relaxed and went into Madrid City centre for a meal and enjoyed a lovely buffet restaurant opposite the hotel serving of variety of authentic Spanish food.

Shina Parekh

Queen Elizabeth King's Lynn NHS Trust Recruits 65 Filipino Nurses...

Our tour started with an Emirates flight from Gatwick via Dubai to Manila. After a long journey we were all relieved to have a good night’s sleep in our lovely hotel overlooking Manila Bay.

The first day of interviews started with the candidates completing their pre-interview tests and drug calculations. The Trust members were organised into 2 interview rooms. Each panel consisting of 2 Trust members, some of whom were themselves Filipino and had moved to the UK 15 years ago to join hospitals here. 
After 3 days of interviews we had successfully exceeded our target and recruited 65 nurses. During this process we had heard numerous accounts of nurses performing exceptionally in very challenging conditions with some scenarios that made it difficult not to become emotionally involved. 

On our day of rest we took a trip to the Taal volcano which included lunch watching a cultural show of traditional Filipino dancers. In the evening we watched the sunset over Manila Bay before we all retired to bed in preparation for the long journey home.
 The tour was a great success and I feel sure that the nurses recruited will fit in well in their new surroundings at Kings Lynn and will enjoy a warm welcome from the Filipino nurses already established at the Trust.

Jane Hurst


Denise Jan – Consulting Nurse
From a very young age I had a desire to be a nurse, my mum was a nurse and I was always interested in her telling me about her job and stories. My first career was actually a PA in a solicitors office but nursing was always at the back of my mind and one day it struck me that no matter how far I got in my career, I would never forgive myself if I didn’t follow my dream into becoming a nurse.

I started as an Auxiliary Nurse at a young age and cared for acute elderly patients, it was not that long before I studied and completed my Nursing Degree, and within a few years I needed the drive and thrust that A&E had to offer. I soon realised that I loved the fast pace, having to think fast and the great variety that A&E brings, I am a very ambitious person who likes a challenge and achieved a lot within my career that I am very proud of. Sadly it all had to come to an end after 18.5 years in service due to severe arthritis.
At that time I felt quite low and needed a new challenge that would give me satisfaction and where I could transfer some of my skills that I had acquired over the years. It was at the right place at the right time that I was offered a very interesting role with Search Medical Recruitment which I immediately jumped at the opportunity and started in May 2014 as a consulting nurse; my first impression was
“wow I am so lucky to be given this great opportunity to help other Nurses reach their goals and passion on their Nursing pathway.” In my role I medically screen all overseas nurses on their nursing ability, experience, personality and English language. I also meet the candidates whilst on tour and they are screened again by myself 
 and other members of Search, I use my medical background to identify qualities, empathy, mannerisms, communication skills and their passion in Nursing.
I see myself as fair and understanding but I am also very strict with the screening process as these nurses could be caring and looking after me or one of my loved ones. So it is very important to recruit the right person for the right role.
 I have recruited nurses from the Philippines and Spain many times. The main differences are that the tours in Spain are on a smaller scale in terms of numbers of nurses that we recruit. In the Philippines we tend to recruit higher volumes of nurses that are highly skilled and experienced. In Spain, as the nurses are usually newly qualified, we can get them to the UK on a much quicker turnaround than the nurses we recruit in the Philippines. This is due to immigration rules and regulations.
I can say without a doubt, that each and every nurse that I have recruited in both Spain and the Philippines have all been outstanding and an absolute pleasure to have met. After hearing their stories, their dreams and more importantly their absolute passion and dedication in doing what they do, I as an experienced nurse have found this truly inspirational. 

James Paget Recruit 60 Filipino Nurses...

After a long-haul flight via Dubai we arrived in the Philippines in the late afternoon and watched the bustling city come to life through the windows of the taxi as we were escorted to the hotel.
We scheduled two days of interviews with a target of recruiting 60 General Medical/ Surgical Nurses which was easily accomplished.
 The Filipino candidates were exceptional and had an excellent level of English, of which all were offered positions at the Trust. Interviews ran from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening with an hour lunch break by the poolside with plenty of tea and coffee supplied throughout the day.

One candidate that stood out travelled 14 hours on a boat to attend the interview who was over whelmed when he was offered, another candidate 'Laish Christle Cupienda' showed such enthusiasm and demonstrated outstanding nursing skills that the Trust reps said it was one of the best interview she had done.


After completing the interviews and achieving the numbers required, the Trust and the ‘Search’ team spent the day relaxing by the pool and visiting a local shopping centre, finishing off the tour with a fantastic firework display overlooking the bay area whilst having dinner. A great end to the Tour!

Your Personal Comments: The tour was a great success. We all made the most of the opportunity, eating at recommended restaurants and visiting historical and cultural sights. The Trust were delighted with the results and were already planning their next trip back to the Philippines!

Jo Staley


The revised Code for nurses and midwives becomes effective on 31 March 2015. The Code will be central to revalidation. Nurses and midwives will need to revalidate every three years in order to remain on the NMC register. From October 2015 you will need to look closely at the revalidation requirements and start developing your portfolio. The NMC will be publishing a range of guides to help you do that.

Changing Lives...
We're delighted to be apart of a wonderful project in transforming lives! Last year alone we changed the lives of 1,041 Nurses.

Dear Search,

It been a great journey so far .. trying to fit in and learn and catch up and all that..but all in all a wonderful experience.. and you have been very instrumental in helping us achieve it and a big thank you to you for that. I have been posted in the A&E, and in spite of the department being perpetually busy, its a really wonderful place and everyone is friendly and helpful- which in itself is a big boost.

 Marilyn Thekkan- India Nurse


I want to thank you very much the help given to us to get an interview to work in the UK and to get the opportunity to work there.

I also thank the treatment received and the kindness you have had with us at all times.

Thank you very much and best regards!

Isaac Real - Spanish Nurse


I would like to formally thank you for all your support and kind deeds extended to me,on this concluding phase of my joining procedures in one of the most renowned hospitals in the UK,which I reckon as a new personal milestone and the most valuable opportunity in my career.
I hereby notify my sincere gratitude and highly appreciate your consideration and support extended to me right from the start-up of the interview process through to my arrivals in the UK,thereby providing me with this valuable venture. I am thankful to all your swift responses which you have offered and wish you all the very best in your future endeavours as well. Keep up the good work.

Thanking you for your time and consideration

Anna - Filipino Nurse

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We've been working with over 100 Trusts to make the recruitment budget go further. The last 12 months have been busy. Our statistics show we have saved on average £1,100 for our Trust partners.

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