Wednesday, 23 April 2014

India - A Fantastic Pool of Talent

In India the Hospitals offer cutting edge facilities so Nurses have a wealth of experience within their specialty.

 Indian Nurses  historically have risen in the ranks very quickly, keen to advance their skills and aspire to higher grades. The Level of English Language is excellent, to put this into perspective, Indian Nurses have to achieve an IELTS at the high score of 7 in each module. As a comparison example the IELTS test was given to some English 6th form students who were not able to achieve the score of 7 in each module.

Interviews for Indian Nurses can be carried out through Skype or by going on Tour, before which all of our International nurses are pre-screened and have an IELTS with a minimum Score of 7 as required by NMC. We also like to pride ourselves on providing assistance with immigration and our extremely competitive pricing. 

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