Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Queen Elizabeth Kings Lynn Tour- June 2014

What Goes on Tour Stays On Tour!
Marilyn Forrester- Medical Recruitment Co-ordinator

Marilyn Forrester- Medical Coordinator at Search shares her most recent tour experience in Spain with Kings Lynn.

We arrived in glorious sunshine, and spent two days conducting back to back interviews for nurses applying to Kings Lynn Hospital. The Trust commented on the quality of education and training of the nurses,  many of whom had been doing post graduate study to gain specialist knowledge.Two particular nurses were about to complete their MA’s .

We found the Location of the hospital appealed to those nurses looking for a good quality of life in a very attractive area of the UK with lovely sea and countryside, plus the additional incentive of two months free accomodation. They embraced the prospect of a typical friendly English town in a popular coastal area where their skills and abilities will be appreciated and personal development encouraged.

We learnt the true value of ‘social networking’  – as one nurse had met a chap from Kings Lynn whilst working on a Youth camp in Spain and when the chance came up to come for interview with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital there, She quickly contacted him on facebook and even though he was in South America she was able to find out all about the NHS, the place, the hospital and the local area.  She arrived at the interview really well prepared and had a great deal of information to pass on to the other selected nurses on the day ! The Trust were very impressed with her resourceful approach and insider knowledge !!

After we had completed the full two day’s work and offered to a number of successful nurses, we took our clients out for well earned evening meal to a traditional Spanish rooftop restaurant to enjoy a cultural experience and relax by taking in the view and celebrating with a jug of sangria.

Marilyn x

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